About The Show:

Actors Anonymous is a podcast that focuses on the Los Angeles actor and the struggles and hardships as well as the success stories of those whom have worked to build an acting career in Hollywood. The goal of this podcast is to help motivate actors to keep moving forward, how to look on the bright side, and stay focused on their goals. With special guests to discuss how they have worked and what they have done to get where they are, Actors Anyonymous is made is made for the LA actor to inspire them to never give up.


Wesam Keesh

"Actors Anonymous was created because I felt actors needed a resource to sustain and evolve not only their acting craft but also their business careers and personal lives.

Living and working as an actor has showed me that many of my fellow artists waste away years of their lives in a state of negativity, disillusion, and unnecessary competitiveness. This needs to stop if we want to grow as artists, professionals and human beings.

My goal is to create a fellowship between the true actors in this industry. We should support one another and have fun doing it.

There is no competition.

The only enemy, is ourselves."




Jordan Burbank

“Creative Unity has always been a passion of mine whether it be in acting, writing, film making, and other creative avenues. It is important to support each other as peers and advance our craft to create brillant works of art for the masses.”

Jordan is the producer and co-host on Actors Anonymous Podcast. As a producer in the film/television industry, Jordan has created a variety of television concepts and show pitches for major production companies and networks. He has worked on several notable productions including the feature documentary, “Larry Flint: The Right To Be Left Alone”, “Out West”, Tru TV’s “How To Be A Grown Up”, “Hollywood Game Night” on NBC, and most recently, “The Philip Defranco Show” with Discover Digital.